About M.A.M. B - SCHOOL

M.A.M. Business School develops global leaders with insight on emerging economies and their unique business challenges. This two-year MBA full-time programme incorporates practical industry applications with a rigorous, cutting-edge research-based curriculum that has transformed several professionals to global business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Dr. M.A. Maluk Mohamed M.E. (CSE)., Ph.D., (IIT-M).

Director and Correspondent

Mrs. Fathima Bathool Maluk, M.B.A.


Mr. B.V. Ramanan, CMD, Livia Polymer Bottles Pvt. Ltd.

Chairman, Governing Council

Mr. G. Rajkumar, Director, Lion Dates Impex Pvt. Ltd .

Member, Governing Council

Mr. J. Ramanan, Ramanan J Consulting Architech.

Member, Governing Council

Ms. Padmalatha Suresh, Faculty IIM-K .

Member, Governing Council

Dr. V. Kamakoti, Professor, CSE, IIT-M .

Member, Governing Council

Dr. Lokesh Boregowda, Senior Principal Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore.