Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship is a key element in the industrialization and economic progress of a nation. History is replete with examples of entrepreneurs who have chased their dreams right from their student days and M.A.M Business School firmly believes that education is never complete without exposing students to this option. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at MAMBS was established with a vision of fostering innovation and promoting entrepreneurial skills among MAMBS students
The ED Cell was ideated on 25th August, 2016. The idea of MAMBS-EDC was initially planned under the guidance of Dr.P.Subburethina Bharathi, Professor & Director, M.A.M Business School, Trichy, with a view to encourage students from all the disciplines to consider Self-employment as a career option and also to provide training in Entrepreneurship through modular courses.
Currently, the ED Cell activities are on the wheels, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. D.Asokk, Associate Professor, DoMS, M.A.M College of Engineering & Technology, Trichy who acts as the chief coordinator for MAMBS - ED Cell.

Vision | Mission | Objectives


To foster innovation and create an entrepreneurial culture thereby contributing to the growth of our country and its citizens.


To provide services including information and guidance to budding entrepreneurs.

To promote linkages with Industries and other organizations that is engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

To enhance the training and research on entrepreneurship.

To strive for developing innovative training techniques, competent faculty support, consultancy and quality teaching & training materials.


To create an environment for Self-employment, Promote Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programs.

To introduce the concept of entrepreneurship thereby creating an awareness among youth.

To develop management personnel at appropriate levels for the non-corporate and unorganized sectors like education, rural development, small-scale industry etc.

To utilize the infrastructure facilities and technically trained manpower for the development of non-corporate and unorganized sectors.

To promote employment opportunities.


To develop a strong network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, senior professionals and individuals directly or indirectly associated with entrepreneurship.

To educate enterprising students on the essentials of starting a business.

To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps and Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

To organize guest lectures by well known entrepreneurs.

To develop a resource centre of information about entrepreneurship and its various aspects.


The MAMBS-EDC promotes Entrepreneurship related activities such as:

Guest Lectures by successful alumni in business and other prominent Industrialists.

One day workshops on "Basics of entrepreneurship" for First year students.

Entrepreneurship Training program for Second year students once in a month.

Workshops on "Entrepreneurship Development" in other institutions.

Industrial visits and training on entrepreneurial skills.

Business game and allied activities.

ICT enabled Business Plan Modeling.

The National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)

MAMBS is a member of The National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), founded in 2002, by the Wadhwani Foundation. Co-founded by five of India's premier academic institutions: IIT Bombay; IIM Ahmedabad; SP Jain Institute, Bombay, IBAB, Bangalore and BITS Pilani, NEN focuses on introducing a new paradigm in the entrepreneurship education in India. MAMBSites join hands with NEN to develop new entrepreneurs, who in turn will hopefully create valuable jobs for India in future.


Advice from faculty on technology issues

Interaction with successful entrepreneurs

Discussions on problem-solving to maintain high motivational levels.

Since our inception, we have organized various events ranging from social entrepreneurship events on campus to business plan contests, which have brought about a surge in entrepreneurial activities on campus.

In consonance with this belief, MAMBS-EDC aims at:

Creating a multiplier effect on opportunities for self-employment.

Augmenting the supply of competent entrepreneurs through training.

Augmenting the supply of entrepreneur trainer-motivators.

Participating in institution building efforts.

Inculcating the spirit of 'Entrepreneurship' among youth.

Developing and disseminating new knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practice through research.

Facilitating corporate excellence through creating entrepreneurs (entrepreneurial managers)

Improving managerial capabilities of small scale industries.

Sensitizing the support system to facilitate potential and existing entrepreneurs establish and manage their enterprises.


Ms.R.Karthika is an Associate Professor at M.A.M Business School, Trichy.. She has been in academics for more than twelve years and teaches management studies at MAMBS. She is actively involved in research and her works have been published in international journals. She is actively involved as the Coordinator of ED Cell.