Think Tank

The institution conducted a Business Idea Exhibition on the Title “THINK TANK” on October 2018. It served as a forum for the final year MBA students to exhibit their creative and innovative ideas.

The students were also involved in displaying their ideas in the products in the form of a miniature, through charts and by setting up small stalls. There were various ideas contributed towards:

1. Solar energy utilization.

2. Pollution control.

3. Beverages.

4. Job scam.

5. Millet biscuits.etc…

The exhibition came to an end with a feedback session. The students contributed and also recognized the creative ideas of their friends. There was a collective feedback given for the betterment of the product. The exhibition stood as a learning platform for both faculty team and students.





Blue Ocean Dialogue

The purpose of this programme was to encourage the budding entrepreneurs to generate new ideas using their potential thought process. The idea what they have conceived has been converted in a display for presentation. The final year students of M.A.M. B-School were the target audience.

Friday Market

Friday market is an initiative of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell to nurture the Entrepreneurship Skills of the Management students. The students are allowed to put up stalls and display various items of different nature, to gain a small hand experience. These stalls are displayed on all Fridays of the week by the students.