About Library

The College Library was established in 2010. Our library is kept open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm without a break. Bar Code Technology was introduced in 2015. Our library now functions in a full fledged manner and cater to the library needs of students and faculty members. Books and journals are easily accessible to both students and staffs.


The Primary objective of the library is to serve to the needs of our faculty, students and members of the library. It acts as a center for study and research for the inmates of the college giving way to integral department of users. Being a college Library attracts the users on non-deposit basis for academic and professional purpose.

Library Policy

The library aims at being a Resource Centre, a social institution a force for educational excellence by providing Book and Non-book materials, to promote good values, genuine human relationships, social consciousness, leadership capacities, and academic excellence in research and in teaching.