Three Library Tickets for each student will be issued only on production of Identity Cards.

The tickets issued are not transferable and the Library reserves the right to refuse issue of books on any unauthorized tickets.

Books will be lent out for 14 days (2 Weeks)Students, 30days (4weeks) for staff and the due date will be entered on the date slip. One renewal for another 14 days is permitted.

The book should normally be returned on due date.

Fine will be levied for late return of books.

Loss of borrower's tickets and books.

Every book will be examined as soon as it is returned, and if pages are found missing or if any book is found to be marked, soiled or damaged, the borrowers should either replace the book or pay the cost at the current market price which will be ascertained and fixed by the librarian.

Books taken out of the shelves for reading should be left on the reading tables. Students should not replace them in shelves.

Except note books, writing materials and Library books already issued, no other personal belongings will be allowed inside the Library.

Periodical publications, dictionary, reports, proceedings, reference sources after reference should be handed over to the Librarian and these books will not be lent out.

All members and Library staff should observe silence inside the Library.